Alpha Short Stories

One Man’s Journey from Soldier to Leader

Ian Campbell was a normal man, the son of farmers, a Union soldier who survived the American Civil War, mostly unscathed. On the way home after the war, a horrific attack leaves him on the edge of death, hoping for an end to suffering. Death ignores his cries, and he’s left changed into a creature he’d never known existed.

This series of 8 Christian Urban Fantasy short stories follows Ian’s rise from soldier-turned-lone-wolf to friend, husband, father, and leader. They are available as an ebook COLLECTION on all major booksellers (paperback on Amazon) or individually ONLY for Kindle. Click on an image below to be taken to the Amazon sales page.

Cover image for ALPHA: 1865 Turning

Union soldier Ian Campbell has survived the War Between the States with all of his limbs intact. The future lies ahead, and he has no idea what God wants from him next. He’s had enough war, but he’ll no longer be content farming. Then thoughts of the future are derailed by an attack that leaves him dying.

Cover image for ALPHA: 1895 Purpose

For thirty years, werewolf Ian Campbell has lived primarily in isolation without a sense of purpose or direction. The wolf has grown restless, desiring companionship, so he decides to visit Tucson, Arizona for a few days.

Cover image for ALPHA: 1917 Friendship

Lone wolf Ian Campbell has enlisted in the Army to help fight the Germans. He’s not sure how he’ll get through Army training, much less a military career, while hiding what he is, but a clear enemy makes it worth the effort. He’ll figure out the rest as it comes. Friendship is the last thing he expects to find.

Cover image for ALPHA: 1945 First Love

Despite the odds and chaos of World War II, werewolf Ian Campbell has found love and, for the first time since being Turned, looks toward a brighter future. Then tragedy strikes, the wolf breaks free, and the price on both sides is steep.

Cover image for ALPHA: 1980 Pack

In an attempt to escape the effects of the dark moon, Ian Campbell and his friend Brett Mitchell seek out the sanctuary offered by mountains beyond the trek of human feet. A young female werewolf is the last thing they expect to find, and she’s a brash little thing with far too much courage.

Cover image for ALPHA: 1984 Mate

Ian Campbell isn’t a good man. Just ask him. He’ll tell you so. Which makes the interest of Alison Dolan, the pack alpha’s too-bold daughter, all the more perplexing. Doesn’t she realize she’d be better of with someone else? Someone younger without such a dark past? Ian pushes her away, but she keeps coming back.

Cover image for ALPHA: 1984-88 Birth

Children shouldn’t be a source of grief. At least, that’s what Ian Campbell thinks when he and his mate get pregnant. Things don’t work out as hoped and planned. Will he lose the woman he loves?

Cover image for ALPHA: 1990 Becoming

Life isn’t fair. Werewolf Ian Campbell has become more certain of that as the years have passed. There’s too much death. Too much loss. And still more comes, leaving him with one choice—do what must be done and become pack alpha, or walk away and let the pack and humanity suffer for it.