Baby Makes Three Short Story Collection

Three couples dreaming of children. Three very different roads.

Graham and Donna Caldwell, Colin and Tanya Campbell, and Brett and Kelly Mitchell are werewolves. All three couples long for children, something their species often has difficulty accomplishing for reasons no seems to understand.

They are available as a collection or individually for Kindle. Click on the cover images below if you’re interested in purchasing individual stories.

Cover image for BABY MAKES THREE: Shattered Hope

Graham and Donna desire a child. Just when hope takes root, tragedy strikes, putting Donna’s life in jeopardy.

Cover image for BABY MAKES THREE: New Life

Despite the hurdles they may face, Tanya and Colin want a child, but joy leads to doubt and fear.

Cover image for BABY MAKES THREE: Precious Gifts

There’s nothing Kelly wants more than to have a child with Brett, but she knows the odds. When her worst fear comes to fruition, she doesn’t know how Brett will react.

I have ideas churning for more Baby Makes Three stories, so there just might be a second set of these stories…