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As an author, have you been inundated with “rules”?

Such as:
Don’t use dialogue tags, only beats.
Avoid passive verbs.
Don’t use “weasel” words.
Avoid adverbs.

You’re not alone. Authors are often confronted with the “rules” of writing, many times by those who push them as never/don’t restrictions instead of minimize/limit guidelines. Listening to all of those voices can leave you feeling chained. Unnecessarily. As time passes, more chains are added in the form of yet more “rules”.

There IS a common sense approach to the “rules”, and it strips away the chains.

It’s time to break free!

Cover image for the Patchwork Baby Blanket pattern

Most crocheted baby projects have an array of holes small fingers can get caught in. I designed a blanket that has none of those. It’s available only in e-book format at the moment.

At the request of my husband’s family, I recreated a book his grandmother, Verle Proctor Sutton, had published in the 70s through a vanity press. Between the original date of publication and her death in 1995, “Grandma Sandy” continued to gather letters and information and make notes in her hard copy of the original book.  It became my task to compile all of that, revise as she’d noted, and republish the book. It was a time-consuming task, but I enjoyed it. I pray others will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed compiling it.

Cover for Benjamin Benn Mabrey: Yankee Soldier

In the War Between the States, Benjamin Benn Mabrey enlisted in the Union Army on August 9, 1862. He left his wife, Louisa, and infant daughter, Alice, to serve with the 82nd Indiana Regiment of Volunteers. His time of service continued until the end of the War. His descendants preserved many of the letters he wrote during those three years of service. Those letters were compiled along with historical narratives written by the author to complete this book. Contained within these pages is information about various battles, military actions and people about which “Benny” wrote.