The World of Ultrana

Welcome to the World of Ultrana,
the product of a strange mind.

Published as D.M. Turner (to avoid confusing readers of my contemporary work). My fantasy work is a blend of a Christian worldview and bible-based themes and concepts along with purely fantastical elements like magic, telepathy, and others.

Both paperback and ebook formats are available. These stories continue to be available ONLY on Amazon.

PLEASE NOTE – Other genres have been getting my focus, so I’m not sure if/when I’ll release another story in this genre.

Otherworlder Series

Cover image for SHADOWS

Dead but alive. Alone but surrounded. What does she do now?

Zara desires nothing more than death. Everything has been stripped away. Her husband. Her unborn child. Her life. Her world. Nothing remains that matters. And yet, the knight who watches over her won’t let her die. Neither will the ghost of a dead soldier sent to protect her.

Tarsius MacGeddin, Knight of Sear’dan, saves Zara’s life after a suicide attempt. He has no inkling how dramatically she will alter the course of his life and shake the very foundation of his faith. He can’t send her away, no matter what his father desires. She has nowhere to go, no one to go to. So what’s he supposed to do now? Why has Sear’dan brought her to him?

Cover for VISIONS

He should’ve known better than to make such an enemy.

Sir Tarsius MacGeddin has done everything he can to help Zara fit into his family, church, and world. Not that it has done much good. She holds herself separate, clinging to a man she’ll never see again.

Though this world has nothing to offer. Zara tries to fit in. Sort of. The people who have given her shelter seek to change her. Change is the last thing she desires. They mean well, but they don’t understand why she holds onto the past. To make matters worse, the one who took everything from her continues to pursue her, and odd dreams arise.

Cover image for SPECTERS

No one could’ve guessed how she would shift the balance between good and evil.

Zara is stranded in a world that’s not hers, living a life she never wanted. The streets and walls of Mil’antias, Antikas are her prison, and the sentence seems endless. Bound by a promise, she can’t be who she really is.

Tarsius MacGeddin, Knight of Sear’dan, struggles to focus on his life’s purpose, whatever it might be, and not be distracted by Zara’s growing melancholy. Rumors surface. Assassins are turning up dead with no evidence to point to the identity of their assailant. He fears Zara may be involved but is reluctant to confront the possibility. What if she’s innocent? How will she take being falsely accused? Will she run? But, what if she is the one?

Then vivid dreams lead Tarsius on a quest, and he needs Zara’s skills to ensure its success.

Cover image for DESTINY

A quest changes everything, including faith.

The more time passes, the more Zara longs for what was stripped from her, especially the man she loves. Even a quest and the perils it brings can’t keep her mind occupied. Will she ever see her husband and home again? Or is she forever trapped in a world that isn’t hers?

In the midst of a quest isn’t when Tarsius MacGeddin, Knight of Sear’dan, expects to face his most difficult struggle yet where Zara is concerned. She’s grown more melancholy as the months and years have passed, instead of less. Even being stalked by a bounty hunter can’t keep her attention for long.

The truth of Zara’s existence comes fully to light, and everything Tarsius knows and believes is shaken to its foundation. 

The OTHERWORLDER QUADRILOGY is also available in a Collection in paperback and Kindle e-book. (click on image below)

Cover image for Otherworlder Quadrilogy collection

Cover image for the 2019 Second Edition release of CURSE OF THE TALMARA
2nd Edition, releasing SOON!

When death comes calling, choices must be made, and lives are forever changed.

Original cover

A life-threatening curse has fallen. Alaina leaves the only home she’s ever known, led by visions to a man she hopes holds the cure. One problem. He hates her kind. If he has answers, he has no reason to share them. Can she change his mind about her before either the curse or the evil they chase ends her life? Or will he have no choice but to kill her before she destroys those he cares about?

They need a seer. Bounty hunter Jarn may have to accept that, but he most certainly doesn’t have to like it. Seers can’t be trusted. This one is also Doro’esch, like him. He’s spent two decades running from his heritage and wants nothing to do with his people. A fact she doesn’t respect. To make matters worse, provocative dreams feed an unwanted attraction.

Evil looms ever closer, and death lurks in the darkness.

More stories to come…